New Product Saturday 08/13

This week’s release is all about being creative. With Frame Masks Set #10, you can use the frames to frame your pictures, to create journaling blocks, to create visual interest behind your elements, or to use as mats for your photographs. This set of Frame Masks is layered adding even more depth to your work. Use the masks the same way you use templates. Move the frame mask of your choice to your layout and then use a clipping mask to fill the layer. It’s that easy! (Directions are included) This set includes six different frames in individual PSD files.

That is all for this week’s releases! Check back throughout the week for tips, tricks, and more!

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I am a font addict who loves all things typography, graphic design, and just being creative. I love spending time with my family and trying my hand at being the next Julia Child. Besides spending my time lost in the land of scrap, I am busy running my business.

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